PHANTOM BOXERS ' goal is to better the breed through careful sire and dam combinations, to encompass life longevity, health and temperament




PHANTOM BOXERS was started by Wendy Nixon who had been breeding and raising boxers for 32 years. I bought my first Boxer Jazzy from her in 1995. In 2008 Wendy’s husband passed away so we decided to combine our love for the breed. Wendy moved her farm to my house with dogs, crates, and a Mommy with her puppies.

Since 2008 we raised many, many puppies right in my home. In 2019 Wendy’s health took a turn and she just wasn’t able to keep up with the work of puppies and the dogs, she had always told me PHANTOM BOXERS was going to be mine someday. That day came in December 2019. Wendy handed over all the dogs and rights to me. I jumped right in with both feet,whelping out my very first litter all by myself, to the tune of 9 puppies on December 12th luckily with my girl Scarlett who had already given birth to a previous litter.

My puppies are handled from the time of birth and well socialized with the house dogs, JoJo (9), Scarlett (5), Jr & MeMe (18 months) and Molly (6 months). Once the puppies reach 8 weeks and leave with their new owner I don’t stop my contact there, I urge new Phantom Boxer Phamily members to stay in touch through Facebook ( Pam Phillips Phantom Boxers), Instagram or just text. I tell them I’m there for them 24/7 for any questions or concerns.



Stud Service


AKC puppies


24/7 availability for any questions or concerns


You become “Phantom Boxer Phamily” on purchase of a puppy from my kennel


Our puppies are show and pet quality


Our dogs are veterinary certified


If the puppy/dog can’t be kept for any reason, it gets returned no matter how old it may be



Dear Wendy and Pam,

We started our search for a boxer in the summer of 2011. Through a series of searching on the internet and making about 20 phone calls to various Boxer breeders, we were told that you had a litter of puppies and given your contact info. After speaking with Wendyon the phone a couple times, We chose to come and see your available puppies.... and were immediately impressed with the welcoming commitee of boxers that met us at the door! We had purchased dogs in the past from show breeders, and had never had this kind of welcoming before from the dogs or the breeders! As a matter of fact, the other breeders that we had visited only had the puppies in the house... but not one adult dog . I have even had a breeder in the past bring the available dog outside for us to see, as they did not allow people to enter the house. It is easy to see that boxers are not just a “side thing” for you guys. You truly love these dogs and they are a big part of your life. We ended up finding our “Shred” on that visit. He quickly stole our hearts! After we got him home, we were so impressed with how quickly he settled in as part of our family. He got a big stamp of approval from our vet on his first visit and his visits ever since. Shred has grown into such a handsome boy and we are so glad that he became a part of our family. I repeatedly tell my husband that he must be the smartest dog on the planet! :)

This past August, we decided that Shred should have a friend to play with. There wasn’t any question who to call. Once again, you guys steered us in the right direction and we brought our Millie home. She is a sweet girl, with a little bit of crazy too. Again, we had the same experience with her settling right in. She and Shred get along great. They LOVE to play with each other. He is very happy to have the two legged company.

I think when anyone is looking for a canine companion; their top concerns are the health of the dog and that its been well socialized (especially if there are children involved). Another thing that i have found so helpful along the way is your support. While preparing for our pups, after getting the pups home beyond. You guys have always been there to answer questions. There has never been that made me feel silly for asking. You have always given us honest answers. Again, comparing this with our experience with other breeders, this experience with you has been so different. Never once have you been defensive, only matter of fact. You care about your dogs way beyond the sale. As a dog owner, this is a great comfort to know that someone with years of experience is there for you as questions arise.

And yes, we are actually thinking about adding a third Boxer in the near future! our experience with as you has been awesome, and we trust you will let us know when you have the perfect match for our family.

If you ever have anyone that would like to hear about our Boxer loves, please dont hesitate to let them contact us. We are more than happy to tell others about our great experience with you both. Thanks so much, we truly appreciate all that you have done.

The Faragher Family


Dear Grandma Wendy and Pam,

Just a note to let you know that I’m growing up big and strong. I now weigh about 63 pounds and the vet says I am in excellent shape. He used that word twice. I have a big yard to play in and my lady and I go for walks around the neighbourhood several times a week. I still dont like trucks, so if one comes close to us while on our walk I do a “sit/stay” until the truck has gone by. It can slow down our walk but I feel better that way.

I live with two kitties (sisters) and sometimes they can be mean and swipe with thier claws, but usually they are OKAY, and sometimes they even give me kisses and lick my ears. One of them likes to snuggle up next to me and she’s really warm. I like to chase them when they sneak outside the house to hunt birds.

I have made several friends at the puppy day care. There are four or five boxers there, as well as many other dogs, but my newest friend is a white husky girl just my age and she has just as much energy as I do, so we run and play and go home tired, dirty and happy.

My main occupation is to make my lady happy. I am good in the house and dont have any accidents unless I dont feel well (almost never) and I love to be with her whatever she’s doing. If she’s digging in the garden, count me in! I suprised her because I like to PLAY IN PUDDLES and get muddy. She said boxers don’t usually like water. Its true, I don’t like to go out in the rain. I think I am going to learn how to swin this summer because she says I hang too close to the edge of the pool and sooner or later I might fall in.

Mostly I just hang with the folks. If they rest, then I rest. If they are cooking in kitchen I’m right there with them, just in the case they drop something yummy. I do like to sleep with my head hanging off the sofa or bed. Sometimes I fall right off the bed, and then I just roll over and sleep on the floor.

Now that I’m almost a year old and pretty grown up I wanted to thank you and Pam for bringing together with my two-leggeds and finding me the perfect home. They say I am the perfect dog for them. They love me and I love them.